Ceramic Tile Floor

The Top Features of a Ceramic Tile Floor

  • Effortless Cleaning – A damp cloth or brush goes sailing with ease across a ceramic tile floor. Spills and messes are easy to see and sweep from a glazed tile floor with little or no resistance, making the surface perfect for placement in kitchens and bathrooms. Even an outdoor patio can benefit from the cool, smooth material. A garden hose washes away dirt build-up in moments. A disinfecting wipe cleans the tile, keeping the surface eminently hygienic, but a special grout cleaning solution should be used periodically to combat accumulations of dirt between tiles.
  • No Maintenance Required – Keep the ceramic tiles clean and there’s little else to do but enjoy the cool feel of the tiles below your bare feet. Employ the tiles around your house within rooms where spills are an occasional issue, knowing you can make the mess disappear in mere moments with a moist cloth. Optional sealing and waterproof grout ensures the tiles become an essential feature that highlights stylish, ageless décor while resisting dampness.
  • Eco-Friendly Ceramics – Fired in energy efficient kilns from natural materials and recycled matter, glazed ceramic tiles create few emissions during the manufacture process. Raw earthen clay and glass fuse under immense heat to form smooth, cool tiles that defeat summer heat, forming a durable surface that’s as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Repair With Ease – Ceramic tiles are individual pieces of earthy clay and glass placed alongside each other in creative patterns. If one tile cracks, it’s simplicity itself to replace that tile with another. Keep a few spares in safe storage for just such an event and never stress over an occasional crack when you have that convenient box of extra tiles. Opt for a qualified installer if you want to maintain a uniform, professional finish to the floor.
  • Limitless Decorative Options – Inspired choices for every home; ceramic tiles feature captivating patterns and gloriously attractive designs that are both natural and trendy. Deep textures are entwined with striations of mineral deposits that accent the design, creating highly desirable looks that transform flooring from boring to dazzling. Thousands of tile designs, offered in countless colors, shapes and sizes, come to you from far-away lands, evoking images of exotic palaces and royal dwellings.
  • Promotes Health and Hygiene – Defining style and appeal is only part of the attraction to ceramic tiling. The flooring is also a friend to the family, providing peace of mind against health threats. For the allergy-conscious, the surface is smooth enough to wipe away pet hair and dander. Where carpets and rugs might trap various allergens, a glazed tile surface conceals nothing. Deeply ingrained dust is non-existent, as is bacteria and outdoor pollutants. Ceramic tiles deliver a hygienic, refreshing floor surface to your home.
  • Affordable – All of these attractive features should equal a high cost, but ceramic tile prices are offset by low-cost production processes that use raw materials. Neutral colors with simplistic designs can be found for as low as $1 per square foot. Be prepared to pay around $16 a square foot for complex designs made from exotic materials and an additional installation charge of at least $4, a cost that can quickly climb as high as $9 per square foot of installed tile.
  • Beneficial to Home Value – When considering a home appraisal, take account of your stunning and durable ceramic tile floor. It’s a feature that easily adds monetary value to your home, a point of interest for any visitor or potential home buyer.
  • Impressively Water Resistant – Remember those splashing kids in the bathroom? The clumsy, distracted teen as she washes dishes, spilling dirty water on the floor? Well, that’s no longer a problem with ceramic flooring and waterproof grout. Simply mop up sudsy water, and depend on the tile to shield against moisture.
  • Withstand Wear and Tear – Unique glazes and clay fired to unimaginable temperatures are manufactured to combat and resist scratching. Class 3 and 4 ceramic tiles are made for heavy foot-traffic, for dynamic families who are always on the move.
  • Additional compelling reasons to consider ceramic tiling – Enhanced hygiene properties eliminate nasty smells. Fire resisting. Won’t bleach or discolor.