Ceramic & Stone Installations

The Flooring Company offer these Services:

Details of Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone Service

  • Ceramic install over slab
  • Ceramic install over mud
  • Ceramic over cement board
  • Self-leveling or patchwork
  • Ceramic wall tile install
  • Glass Tile Install
  • Granite and Marble Install
  • Exterior tile install
  • Installation of ceramic/stone staircases & step installs
  • Mud Walls
  • Mud Subfloor Jobs
  • Radiant or heated floor installations
  • Cement Board & sheetrock install
  • We install (decos, borders, chair rail, bullnose, dishes, Medalions.)
  • Custom built shower Mudpans  (tile & mud)
  • Diagonal install ,Brick install ,other patterns
  • Tile cove base
  • Wood wall base
  • Marble saddle install
  • Ceramic rip-up
  • Ceramic mud rip-up
  • Ceramic wall rip outs
  • All plywood sub-floor install
  • Remove & Replace toilet or new installs
  • Remove & Replace vanity/sink or new installs
  • Haul away all debris
  • Custom work
  • Delivery of materials
  • Ceramic Tile, Granite, Marble & other Natural Stones
  • Counter-tops, vanities, showers and back splashes ,floors ,walls and exteriors
  • Moldings, transitions, sills, stair nose, saddles, quarter rounds, vinyl cove base, shoe moldings, saddles etc.
  • Hydra ban Water proofing & Schluter systems.
  • Sealing and priming.
  • Custom Designs, patterns, borders, chair rails, cove saddles ,bullnose, schluter trim and marble saddles.
  • Mud floors, concrete work , repairs & self leveling.

Additional Services Available


  • Custom Molding & trim work, doors, windows, full bathrooms , Basements & kitchen installs ,framing and painting services.
  • Basic electric and plumbing