About Us

floor furnishing““The Flooring Company” is the destination for high-quality ceramic tiles and hardwood installations. We’ve been installing high-end flooring throughout Long Island and beyond since 1992 and have no plans to slow down. Our enviable reputation has been patiently built on quality installation and on creating an unforgettable flooring experience.

Ceramics? Hardwood? What is your Vision?

Matching and surpassing each customer’s unique vision, making every possible accommodation to ensure the perfect fit for every client, “The Flooring Company” works with a diverse collection of wood flooring options and associated assets. From exotic textures to elegant finishes, our line of products deliver unerring designs sure to fit any home and style of décor. Wood flooring customized by specialty installers, imported flooring, natural stone and ceramic, our selection blankets every imaginable option. Beautifully inlaid domestic wood surfaces compete for attention with rough-hewn tiles from distant lands. Some wood textures appear natural and organic, while others look as if they’ve been magically transported from a petrified forest. This is a true one-stop destination for all customers seeking limitless flooring varieties that match quality with affordable pricing.

These uniquely decorative tiles and classically styled hardwood floors come to you, our customers, with an assurance of quality, with access to artisans skilled in the installation and finishing of your newest acquisition, your floor. Opt for the support of our expert installers and ensure your product receives the professional care and attention it deserves. Whether shopping in the warm environs of our customer-focused shop, seeking installation and finishing services, you have our promise of complete satisfaction through superior service.

Commitment to quality

We are serving our New York customers with an uncompromising commitment to quality, selflessly devoted to providing a superior flooring experience. Please see our Mission & Vision Statement.